Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Manuel Martinez is the number one export after the cigars. Dispatched by the Cuban presidency, Manuel Martinez is Cuba’s diplomatic ambassador of comedy. An act best described is as comical, witty, outrageous, unpredictable and wholly unique. Totally unexpected and never forgotten. Book this act before Castro orders him home…
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Manuel Martinez has cemented himself as one the premier cruise ship acts and is in constant demand from some of the most prestigious cruise ships in the world. A regular for P&O, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.
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Manuel’s act is suited for corporate functions, awards presentations, political rallies, revolutions... For a non-typical magic act, Manuel Martinez will astound audiences with his razor sharp wit and perform magic that will leave them thinking, how DID he do that!?
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The Manuel Martinez Magic Merchandise online store! From here you can purchase any of Manuel's tricks to fool your friends and family, impress girls (and boys) into going out with you, win drinks at any bar and be the life and soul of the party!
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