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Hailing from "Havana, Cuba" Manuel Martinez is the number export after the cigars! Dispatched by the Cuban presidency, Manuel Martinez is Cuba's diplomatic ambasasador of comedy. A madcap performance of comedy and magic [a bit of magic] but mostly comedy as it cuts down on the amount of props he has to carry…

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Manuel Martinez is numero uno! A premier cruising comedian in constant demand from some of the most prestigious cruise ships around the world.

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Manuel Martinez is suited to theatre, cabaret, after dinner, corporate events, award presentations, polictical rallies, revolutions… For a non-typical magic act, Manuel will entertain audiences with his razor sharp wit, observational quips all whilst performing his unique and special brand of magic!

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Watch Manuel Martinez perform on Penn & Teller Fool us hosted by Jonathan Ross.

Manuel was personally invited to perform on the show by the producers. Here we see him perform his version of Russian Roulette.

This was recorded in front of a live studio audience.
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